While there are now several ways to vote in NYC, voting on Election Day is still the most popular. 

Where to vote

You must vote at your assigned poll site. Poll sites can change year to year, or even last minute if there’s an issue such a water main break or power outage. So make sure to check before you go!

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When to vote

Polls are open on June 22 from 6am-9pm. You can also vote early in person from June 12-June 20.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I vote early before Election Day?

Yes! You can vote early in person from June 12-June 20. You can also vote by mail by requesting an absentee ballot. Learn about more ways to vote.

Can I vote on Election Day if I requested or submitted an absentee ballot?

Yes! If you vote in person after requesting or submitting an absentee ballot, your absentee ballot is automatically disqualified. Only your in person vote will count. You do not need to bring your absentee ballot to your poll site.

If I’m in line at my poll site when polls close, can I still vote?

Yes! You have the right to vote as long as you are a registered voter in line by 9pm on Election Day.

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Where do I vote?

Visit the NYC Board of Elections website to find your voting location

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Key Dates

  • Deadline for Board of Elections to receive absentee ballots

    Tue, June 29, 2021